Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion: Exponential impact on the UN SDGs and your CSR goals

no-poverty.pngDirecting CSR funding through the MyPay Mobile Money wallet will financially include recipients, lifting them out of poverty. Reducing the cost of funds delivery allows more consumer spending, saving and improves quality of life.

good-health.pngMyPay reduces cost of delivering CSR funds. With more money available to spend and save, people can afford better food, medicine and participate actively in the economy.

quality-education.pngUsing MyPay, CSR funding can be directed towards specific types of education. This includes schools, education on sustainable farming, product usage and financial literacy.

gender-enquality.pngFinancial inclusion increases financial independence for women, improving their quality of life. Safe, secure delivery of CSR funding can be applied to programs of any description.

affordable.pngThe mobile money facilitates the financing of clean energy initiatives. For example, providing independence to rural communities using pay-as-you-go solar panels.

decent-work.pngThe MyPay wallet allows access to microfinance to start new businesses while stimulating local economic activity.

reduced-inequalities.pngMyPay allows targeted CSR funding to be directed into rural communities, providing financial inclusion to allowing access to the same opportunities as people in the city.

sustainable-cities.pngFinancial Inclusion through the MyPay Mobile wallet helps communities become sustainable, driving economic activity at a local level and boosting employment through the creation of agents and merchants.