MyPay Business Account

Business Portal

The business portal is used by organizations for the management of bulk disbursements. The business portal provides an easy way to send payments to any number of individuals, with an automated solution that disburses funds and tracks activity.


Each company has a unique account name which can have multiple users. The first registered user is automatically allocated as the system admin for the company account. The system admin then creates users who can access the company account with their own unique login. Specific permissions can be applied to each of these users which will be explained in more detail later.

To register as a company, contact customer service on [5006]

What is needed:

  • A registered business accounts
  • The business account phone


Documents to be provided upon registration are as follows:

  1. Completed MyPay Agent application forms.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration.
  3. TPIN Certificate
  4. Copies of IDs for the Administration Officers.